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Radical Openness

An contemplative-friendly invitation to openness from deepest self to the sacred glory in everything and beyond

Radical Openness -Series. Special November 2016 . Languages: English, Malti

ZG1 - Contemplative Openness
Touching the glory

ZG2 - Openness to my Roots, to All, to One
The sacredness within

ZG3 - Putting on the Mind of Christ?
Praying without an ego take-over

ZG4 - Openness to Suffering and to Sacred Presence
The more you drink, the more water there is



Being watchful is the key to the divine life.

Awakening -Series. Advent 2015 . Languages: English, Malti

ZF1 - Be Watchful – 2 ways

ZF2 - Is My Life A Pilgrimage?

ZF3 - Rejoice!

ZF4 - A Blessing Indeed


In the Temple

If this body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, how do we relate to the sacred space, the inner beauty, the inner light, the streams of living water? What should we do - or maybe it is not a matter of doing? And what happens then?

In the Temple -Series. Lent 2015 . Languages: English, Malti

ZE1&2 - What is in your Temple?
There is holiness in us, ready to shine out as light in the darkness
ZE 3 - How to clean the Temple?
Acting in the Temple – sensitively, or coarsely?
ZE4 - In the Holy Temple: silence, Light, and fruitfulness
To be or not to be? To do or not to do?
ZE5 - Temple of wisdom and love
What happens to a servant at the temple

Being Ready

A marvellous transformation is taking place. Am I ready? Am I simple? Am I humble? Am I interfering with it? I give birth to, and become, a little child through whom I can relate to everything. But I need to keep watch.

Being ready - Series. Advent 2014. Languages: English, Malti

ZD 1 - Keep Watch!
Keeping watch, living attentively, is the Jesus formula.
ZD 2 - The Simple One
Coming to face life through a simple, single heart or single eye.
ZD 3 - Humble?
Where do we get our inspiration from?
ZD 4 - What could go wrong?
In the spiritual birth, what could happen to interfere with the process?


The Great Current

Am I part of the Great Current bringing humanity and the world closer to God?

The Great Current Series. Lent 2014. Languages: English, Malti

ZC 1. My will
Whose will is to be in charge?
ZC 2. I'm a child of God, but…
Feedback from Mount Tabor

ZC 3. In Spirit and Truth
Who adores, and how?

ZC 4. Those Who See Will Become Blind
Why is the Christ blinding people?

ZC 5. Joy now?
Diving into the Great Current.


Eternity in Our Hearts

"God has made everything beautiful in its time." declares the Book of Ecclesiastes, "He has also set eternity in the hearts of men." This obscure fact means everything for our spiritual path.

Eternity in Our Hearts Series. Advent 2013. Languages: English, Malti

ZB 1. Keep watch!
The first thing we must do to live wakefully and open to the depths
ZB 2. The Wider View
The Scriptures ask us to live from a wider perspective than the one that made us live sleepily
ZB 3. Confused and Frightened
To live? To die? Do not be afraid
ZB 4. The Great Flute
The Eternity set in our hearts can blossom and take over our lives.

Bear Fruit

How can I let the Spirit act through me and bear fruit in me and in the world?

Presence Series. Lent 2013. Languages: English, Malti ZA1. The Seed Within
... Cultivate the seed, or waste the inheritance?
ZA2. Sprouting the Seed
... Our transfiguration is on the way.
ZA3. The Promised Fruit
... What fruit will it be?
ZA4. The Fruit Can Ripen
... What am I becoming?
ZA5. A Taste of the Fruit
... No more stones to throw.


An amazing Presence in ourselves and the world is the key to all our life and work, and to our present and future.

Presence Series. Lent 2012. Languages: English, Malti

Z1 Presence - Alone, listen!
Z2 Presence - Surrender, and Be Transformed into Him
Z3 Presence - Holiness Here?
Z4 Presence - Coming into the Light
Z5 Presence - Humility is the Gateway


The Gospels open us to the heights and depths of ourselves. But we are not our own!


Peace Series. Advent 2011. Languages: English (with optional subtitles), Malti, Italiano


Y1 Peace - Awake to deeper truth
Y2 Peace - Produce the fruit of a deeper perspective
Y3 Peace - Deep peace and joy
Y4 Peace - The peaceful birth


Get ready for the journey of your life

Journey Series. Lent 2011. Languages: English , Malti

X1: You taught me wisdom in that secret place
X2: His face shone like the sun
X3: If you knew the gift of God...
X4: He leads me beside quiet waters
X5: I will put my Spirit in you and you will live


Surrender and awakening... an inner bridge to the sacred

Surrender Series. Advent-Christmas 2010. Languages: English , Malti, Italiano.

W1: Awake! Awake!
W2: Who are you?
W3: Encouragement
W4: The Incarnation and I



A perspective on our role in the world within the Great Experiment
Transformation Series. Lent 2010. Languages: English Malti .

V1: The temptation from the self
V2: My own transformation?
V3: How much time do I have left?
V4: A little test for me?
V5: Be aware, be free.



A perspective on our role in the world within the Great Experiment

Glory Series. Advent-Christmas 2009. Languages: English (4 videos in English with captions in English*), Malti (4 videos in Maltese with captions in Maltese).
(*) with machine translation to any other language.

U1: Keep Watch!
U2: The Great Meaning of Metanoia
U3: Baptism with Spirit and Fire
U4: “Blessed be the child that you shall bear”.


Din is-Sensiela hija dwar l-importanza (esaġerata) tal-Jien.

Ego Series 2009. Only 1 video so far. Languages: Malti.


Preparing, watching, and waiting to be mother for a wonderful birth

Birth Series. Advent 2008 Languages: English (4 videos), Malti (4 videos)


Becoming poor in spirit and "dying" in this life... and rising again.

Renewal Series. Lent 2008. Languages: English (4 videos), Malti (4 videos)


Nillixxa l-intoppi fi trejqet is-Saltna, nitla' l-muntanja qaddisa, u nwelled...

Trejqa Series. Advent 2007. Languages: Malti, 4 videos

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